What is The Rebirth?

The Rebirth is a free World of Warcraft server, set in the vanilla days of Wow, just before The Burning Crusade™ was released.

Playing on The Rebirth is easy, visit our getting started guide and you can walk through the untainted world of Azeroth again in minutes

How do I play?

Ready to pwn some n00bs?
Rock'n'roll - lets do it. There are a few steps you must complete to get started on The Rebirth

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News about Rebirth

While the website will be under further construction, the account registration is enabled and working.

The game server still struggles with DDoS attacks. Thanks to our dev Andkem we have a temporary solution which allows you to play until we are done working out a proper concept.
Information how to set up TOR can be found here.

For more news follow our subreddit.