Druid tank gear

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Druid tank gear

Postby Hornetdemon » Mon Mar 30, 2015 5:00 pm

I found this page couple days back when I was looking for some druid stuff. It's nicely organized list of druid tank gear:

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Re: Druid tank gear

Postby OttaNRG » Mon May 02, 2016 4:33 pm

I'm going to be leveling slowly, savoring the game... I'm not in race to 60. Question- Does anyone know if the druid bear-tank is a viable 5-man dungeon tank through the levels in V1.12? Remember that I will be playing in greens to begin, so I wouldn't even be starting as a well-equipped tank.

I bear-tanked at 70 and 80, so I have some idea of how to play the class (and obviously some things which would have to be relearned!) I know that the bear-tank became a much more desirable spec at 70, with the BC reworks, just don't remember whether it could hold its own at low levels back in Vanilla.

Thanks for any info you can share.
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Re: Druid tank gear

Postby Zardian » Mon May 02, 2016 4:54 pm

Bear tanking is perfectly fine in 5mans, in lvl60 dungeons it starts getting squish-issues if youre shit geared and in raids the crits really start making you a massive sponge regardless of gear.

up to BRD is fine because early dungeons are easy and at 40+ dire bear form carries for a while.
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Re: Druid tank gear

Postby Mustacio » Mon May 02, 2016 7:57 pm

Druid tank is definitely viable in 5 mans. It can also hold its own as an offtank (with the right gear) in raids. The problem is that it is very hard to find a raid group willing to bring a feral druid when they can bring another prot warrior... the only realistic spot for a Feral Druid in a raid is that of Feral DPS-Offtank-Innervate Bot, and it is a hustle to actually get most raiders to accept that.
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Re: Druid tank gear

Postby Disinfekt » Wed May 04, 2016 7:47 pm

As a feral tank here is hows its things have gone for me.

5 mans- No problems with any, druid feral is a high demand tank and most prefer me (over warriors) in a 5-man setting.

10 mans- Reduced to a OT here, still get plenty of invites but things start to seem different, I am sure once i finish my BIS set I will have no issue's as a MT in UBRS.

20- Ok here things start to get bad, sure the guild can take a feral tank, maybe even want to take one. However it wont feel great being in cat form 95% of the time, not a fan of kitty dps either.

40- Easier to get in than a 20 but whats the point, none of the gear is interesting for a feral tank, 1 ring? you know that its going to a warrior till rot status, healing offset? nope.. not till rot status... feral cat gear? good luck VS rogues. Honestly this time is better spent elsewhere unless your guild just needs the extra body or most druid things are going to rot status.

Gearing; Feral tank kinda peaks on 5-man, trade skills, world drops.. a few items of note from ZG. Past that PVP rank12 gear has more appeal than spending 12 hours a week in MC/BWL/ony

Advice; Gear your feral tank then find something else to play or switch to resto or pvp, unfortunately its the only way you'll be seeing epics to replace blues.

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