Crude Hunter Pre-raid Set

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Crude Hunter Pre-raid Set

Postby Ecg1 » Sun Aug 30, 2015 3:55 am

This is a set of hunter pre-raid/pre-dungeon gear that can get you off the ground with very minimal dungeon runs. A lot of us hate running the same dungeon over and over for a 20% chance at one piece of blue gear. This is a sort of bare minimum for raiding.

Head: - one DM West run, one t1 helm.

Neck: - You should start this chain in your 50s. Requires a strat live run.

Shoulders: - BOE blue. 20g tops.

Chest: - Group quest, decent green to hold you while you farm , which you should do.

Bracers: - If you want to pay for them. If you're hit-capped, are fine.

Gloves: Doesn't get any better than this set. I sell a set for 50-100g depending on the market/buyer.

Belt: - This is super easy to farm if you can get a couple friends to help. is an option if you have no friends.

Legs: - Doesn't get any better than this set. I sell a set for 50-100g depending on the market/buyer.

Feet: if you are rich. You can solo as BM.

Finger: - Youtube "vanilla princess hunter solo" or something like that. You can farm this along with the crocscale boots.

Finger: - one ZF run.

Trinket: - Do the Hinterlands group quests around lvl 50. is alright if you're alliance.

Trinket: - You need to get ony attuned anyway. This trinket will last basically forever.

2h Weapon: - Super nice if you're not hit-capped. You are expected to be hit capped for MC and BWL tranq shots.

DW Weapons: - These are everywhere. Don't pay more than 20g each. is also an option if you're mat-rich.
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Re: Crude Hunter Pre-raid Set

Postby Kadol » Sun Aug 30, 2015 5:08 am

Here are some other relatively easy to get items available from 5 mans.

Chest: in BRD. Chest of the Seven
Shoulders: in Scholomance. Rattlegore
Belt: in LBRS. The summonable ogre.
Boots: Scholomance. Kirtonis.
Bracers: LBRS. Halycon.
Gloves: in LBRS. Quest is Maxwell's Mission. Only real reason to use these is if you don't have Devilsaur.

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