Vanish, The Rebirth, and You (PT 1)

For the silent stalkers whos first strike is often the last before the killing blow.

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Vanish, The Rebirth, and You (PT 1)

Postby Series » Tue Jul 21, 2015 3:17 am

Vanish is a key ability in the Rogue arsenal. Vanish lets you escape combat, disappear into thin air (provided that you have no DOTs on you), reset movement impairing effects, and wipe threat. Vanish is one of the best (and probably the most difficult to script) abilities for Rogues in Vanilla WoW.

I’ve made a video about Vanish on The Rebirth 1.12.1. I spent some time testing it out this weekend. For a while there, I had no idea what it looked like on the other end of things. I took my Warrior to STV to see what Vanish looked like and the results are pretty obvious: Vanish is currently not working as intended, nor is it Blizzlike on The Rebirth WoW.

Vanish Tooltip:

Check out my video here:

Now, I admit, even Blizzard had a hard time getting this one right. Vanish is probably one of the hardest abilities to script, and to achieve “blizzlike” status. In posting Part 1 & Part 2 dealing with the brief immunity after vanish (TBA), I hope to provide a central place for discussion and to put footage. I’ll leave it up to the geniuses like andkem and the rest of the Rebirth team responsible for the best scripts in the Vanilla scene to decide the direction that they want to head in.

After rigorously testing Vanish over the past few days, I do know one thing for a fact: Vanish needs some work. The “Improved Stealth Mode for 10 Seconds” is unfortunately broken. Enemies previously engaged with the Rogue do not re-take a stealth check, and can target the Rogue within seconds of a Vanish. The fact that I could intercept myself after Vanishing proves that something is definitely up. It seems like the improved stealth mode does not take into account Stealth Ranks – maybe it’s as simple as that.

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Re: Vanish, The Rebirth, and You (PT 1)

Postby Manatee » Wed Jul 22, 2015 1:28 pm

It honestly feels like vanish is reducing my stealth sometimes. Maybe setting it to 50 instead of increasing by 50 or something.

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