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Re: Warrior issues

Postby Maherl » Sun Oct 30, 2016 10:42 am


- Sometimes Warrior's Charge ability goes out of boundries of the World and you fall to your death. Especially charging uphill.

- Improved Shield Block talent: Shouldn't it give another stack of shield block every time you improve it? like at 3/3, you should have 4 block charges.

- I do not remember how it was in the past, but as far as I remember you shouldn't be able to make auto attacks during the cast of Slam ability. The whole point of this spell was to make hits in between the auto attacks of the a very slow weapon. Let's take Whirling Axe as an example. It has an attack speed of 3.60 seconds. A single attack in 3.60 second. Slam was to be cast in between auto attacks, which takes 1,5 seconds to fill that 3,5 seconds of time with some sort of attack. But at the moment, you keep making auto attacks during the cast of a slam, which not only disables the entire point of Slam but also makes it very OP. Another point is, sometimes it works as intented. But this time, the auto attack stops entirely, and it counts another 3.60 seconds for you. Imagine you made an attack, and cast a Slam to pass time. 3.60 - 1.50 = 2.10 seconds to next auto attack. But you wait another 3.60. You should only wait if you made two more slam attacks. Imagine casting one more Slam; 2.10-1.50 = 0.60. Now your next auto attack happens in 0.60 seconds, this is the point of the Slam. This is good. But let's say you made one more Slam attack: 0.60 - 1.50 = -0.90. That means you 'missed' your auto attack and now you have to wait 2.70 seconds for the next one. But this is not what happens most of the time. You keep waiting even if you didn't miss.

Thanks for reading.

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