Elemental Invasions

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Elemental Invasions

Postby Muggle » Sun Sep 27, 2015 11:28 am

We're looking into fixing those events and we need more info on e.g.:

Spawning of "trash":
Should X mobs spawn every Y minutes until the boss has spawned, should all spawn at the same time or something different?
At what rate should the mobs spawn and how long before the boss spawns?

Which route do they patrol (Charr counter clockwise around the vulcano).

All spawn at the same time and when all 4 are dead respawn after X hours or should the 4 invasions be separate and spawn X time after they're killed?
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Re: Elemental Invasions

Postby Manatee » Sun Sep 27, 2015 5:33 pm

From memory:
Each invasion was separate. (Pretty certain)
The boss wouldn't spawn until a certain amount of trash had been killed. (Not certain about this)

I don't have any proof for either assertion =D
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Re: Elemental Invasions

Postby Kainnee » Mon Sep 28, 2015 12:48 pm

This is a really tough one to fix. There are almost no sources whatsoever about the detailed mechanics of those events, partly because at the time where it was interesting nobody knew for sure how they worked. I think this is one of the cases where we have to combine the few sources we have with player memory and common sense to make the event feel as blizzlike as possible.

So, the first source - and I'm very sure you already looked at it - is the and it's revisions. This only offers some general ideas about the invasions and I wasn't able to find a single more definite source so far.

So, what I remember from vanilla (it's been 10 years mind you):
Once every couple of days (comments and memory suggest 2-5d random timer) an elemental invasion can happen in Un'goro, Silithus, Azshara or Winterspring. The invasions are definitely seperate from each other, they don't always spawn together.
When an invasion happens, portals like will appear all around the area and special elementals will start to spawn around them. The number of possible spawns is lower in the beginning and increases over time until it reaches it's maximum when the boss spawns. The number in the beginning is very low; I remember farming around the lake in Winterspring with an alt for the Icy Chill enchant when an invasion started: Portals popped up with increasing speed and elementals started to appear. There were only a handful or so elemetals in sight at first. I stayed for a while (dunno, maybe 30-45 minutes) but the boss didn't spawn in that time. Density of elementals increased though. I don't know how exactly, but when I visited those areas with the boss up, there were at least as many elementals as there are now on Rebirth. I can't remember exactly if these elementals just spawned around the portals, had their own portal each (I can't remember that many portals though) or spawned at the nearest portal and ran to their patrol point from there. The later would definitely look cool though.
I also can't say for sure if you had to kill a certain amount of elementals for the boss to appear or if it was just on a timer. Since the amount of elementals increased even without me killing them I would guess it was on a timer, but for the current population of Rebirth it wouldn't be a bad idea to make it kill-dependant to prevent the few players we have from simply farming the bosses as additional "3 day rares" for the elementals ace. We don't have a 100% proof for either choice anyway. Charr patrols counter clockwise around the volcano in Un'goro, I doubt that we need a 100% blizzlike route to make it feel blizzlike. Tempestria patrols in a circle around the small isle on the frozen lake, can't remember if clockwise or counter clockwise. The Windreaver patrols in a small circle through the north-west area of Silithus, where the other elementals are. Temprestria and the Windreaver have adds patrolling with them (2 and 4 afaik), I am not sure about Avalanchion and Charr. I remember killing Charr with a group on retail, but I can't remember if the adds we fought were patrolling with him or were just from the area where we engaged him. Giving them each a guard of 2-4 elementals isn't a bad idea in my opinion.
At the same time you should look into issues with "chained" packs: It shouldn't be possible to single pull mobs with a retinue by running away while keeping one of them aggroed until the others reset. Such groups should aggro and reset as a pack (this mostly concerns named mobs with guards, like the Forsaken Courier and Lieutnant Valorcall in Arathi or Caliph Scorpidsting in Tanaris). Keeping one of them aggroed should keep the others aggroed as well and if you kill an add and reset the named mob the add should instantly respawn.

I will look some more into this if time permits, but I'm glad you're even working on relatively small stuff like this to make the server feel more blizzlike. While I can't wait for AQ to hit, the War Efforts and opening event would SUCK with so few players anyway. Fixing stuff like Elemental Invasions (and Patch of Elemental Water, PLEASE!) strengthens our position as the highest quality server out there (lol @ Nostalrius BWL).

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