How about that AH!

You're offering some goods, looking for new stuff? Here's your market place.

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How about that AH!

Postby garbear121 » Thu Aug 04, 2016 2:34 pm

Can we like... even out the AH? Understandable the server is end-game heavy but can we, as players, start evening out the prices so it's not gouging someone for an item or not sell items so low that it makes it not worth? Simple economics - if everyone plays nice and cooperates, we all make money and are happy. Understandable the AH is linked (but that's more of an excuse for us to even out pricing) and the required deposit is reduced but there's only so much money you can reasonably farm, or items daily, and if we start price gouging top-end then no one will want to buy the items, unless out of desperation, which in turn makes it harder for you to make money and others to gear or level professions. If I have to spend 5 days of farming gold to get an item that would 'normally' cost 3x less on a populated server then that's an issue. The gold income rate is the same. It's time to start basing prices on what they are worth. No more light leather for 1s each or 50s each. Reasonably about 8s each. As an example, completely hypothetical and changes based on supply and demand... Guess that's the biggest issue. Supply and demand. If you want it - here it is. I've got it and no one else does so pay this price or go home... Great for raid items but seeing lowbie gear on AH for 20-50g is insane. Some items plain old greens that can be farmed from a low dungeon. Another example...

You get the idea, let's play nice :D lol. Just one persons rambling/opinion.
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Re: How about that AH!

Postby Brujah » Wed Aug 10, 2016 12:35 pm

If the cheap items get bought then the price will get higher as new items enter the AH. If no new items get bought the price will get lower. The reason there's a big gap is because with some items there are not very many of them on the ah.
Buy the cheap items and put them up higher if you want. Don't buy the too expensive items, and they will be put up for less.

tbh I feel like the ah is pretty ok atm.

Not sure what you expect to happen.
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Re: How about that AH!

Postby ByteKnight » Wed Aug 10, 2016 2:28 pm

Idk what you're going on about. The AH is a self-balancing system. If you see an opportunity to make gold off it, you do, and as a consequence you won't have to worry as much about stuff being "overpriced".
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