The Rebirth needs you!

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The Rebirth needs you!

Postby Muggle » Sun Jan 10, 2016 11:22 am

Hey Rebirthers!

We are opening up our circle for some new members to join our tight-knit family.
We're looking for 1-2 new Gamemasters to help us deal with in-game stuff and forum moderation.

Please send your application to

What should you write in your application text? Tell us about yourself and your personality, your experience on Rebirth and the reasons why you want to become a staff member aswell as your expectations.

If you applied for a position in the past and are still interested, feel free to resend your application. It will again be considered.

We don't expect you to have any Gamemaster experience. You'll get training and everything needed to help you get going. And remember, GMing is no rocket science, everyone can learn it! :pc:

We appreciate you taking the time to apply! :thumbsup:

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