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Event System Cool Tools

Postby Fallenseraph » Sat Oct 22, 2016 2:17 am

Hello rebirthers

it came to my attention today that many players who are visiting events for the first time might need a hand in getting ready to make the most out of their experience.

There are a few thing that may greatly improve your events time, and sometimes even make them possible at all.

0 - before anything else, /join Events. Without that you are not getting anywhere. Can't stress it enough. /Join Events and memorize the number of the channel you got.

First comes links. many times during events you need to quickly read, check or even contest a picture link sent by a GM or by another player, or to check the rules when the GM give you an event link. The ability to "catch" a picture Url from inside WOW can really come in handy. I use Chatsuey - Not tthe best,probably, but simple enough and gets the job done. Here is the link I found on a quick google search :

https://github.com/ScottHamper/ChatSuey ... y-WebLinks

Remember to enable or disable the adddons that yyou want to usse, and load out of date addons because we are in 1.12 and most addons we use will classify as outdated.

Second, comes the ability to quickly post a screenshot. Usually done to claim a kill or a find before your competitors do, the easier and faster you can upload a picture from inside wow, the better.
Many people will prefer using printscreen, going to their wow / screenshots folder and then renaming the screenshot to something like E.jpeg, then going to a site like http://www.imgur.com and getting a hosted link.
My way takes a bit of timing, but i prefer a program called lightshot. Not specifically designed for wow (gives me a second of lag in the transition ) but after I press printscreen, it sends the area i clip straight to their server and gives me a link to copy. Here is the link (You download a very small program for your OS at the top buttons on the page ):


Again, try those at your own risk, and if you have better ones feel free to post your experience and links.

Third, if an event is in a remote area with no easy access, ask the GM if there will be free revives and warps or not. Check the event rules. In some events you are supposed to ask for a revive warp or repair. In other events you are supposed to wait for collective service at end of a round or match. And in a third type of event, like today, there is no service at all until the end of the event.

Forth, please read the rewards system thread if you need any info about reward vouchers. Link is here:


Last but not least, remember, if you quit an event, leave your events party / raid or else you risk being brought back into the battlezone by a group warp. Ask the GM to quit and to get your repairs, revives and warps when he have time, and remember - If you quit an event before its end, do NOT expect a rewards voucher.

Have Fun

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