PLAYER CREATED community events and ideas

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PLAYER CREATED community events and ideas

Postby Fallenseraph » Thu Nov 17, 2016 5:22 pm

You can be like Variola , Nickje and Hammered too ! Please drop in your two cents here !!!! Add your contribution to this community, my creative mind is burning out !!!

Things we avoid:

- Events that depend on dangerous / permanent mutation of profiles: We will not level up / level down / add gear to player characters during events, I am sorry. Buffs is a case by case thing as most gm buffs vanish on logout.

- Events that end up easing player access to a quest they should really work very hard to get to touch: ( For example, events using a zone that you are supposed to quest and craft to reach )

- Events that somehow can be used to cheat the game (For example an event where a player is put on a state he could take profit of, if he were to dump the event and go do something else while I am busy )

- Anything that generates a big + long display of non blizzlike elements in public zones. I know this rule sort of clashes against the second rule. But no one ever said that being event manager was easy.

- Anything that strays from the TRB core of rules, or even from the spirit of those rules. If i deny an idea, i will usually explain why, but this mainly has to do with rewards.

I wil be eager to hear from you guys. I might throw in an Event Design competition and craft a unique reward for it.

Please call your friends to this thread! Those guys who never log in into the forums, call them here !!!

Lets play TRB!!!!!

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