(NEWEST) Azshara Crater Mini guide

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(NEWEST) Azshara Crater Mini guide

Postby Fallenseraph » Fri Jan 06, 2017 3:57 am

Pictorial link and short guide only, for those who said they could not find it.

Pictorial : http://imgur.com/a/fmNQO

Full guide : (With all objectives) viewtopic.php?f=24&t=1051

Mini guide:

This is not an official TRB Battleground. It is, however, a repeatable event. We can play it as many times as we want, given some time to prepare.
This is handcrafted, not scripted.

Proving your Glory = Calling for the GM after beating an objective. Be patient and stand your ground. You must be alive and the objective conditions must be met when i inspect you.

Beat objectives and "Prove your Glory" to carry flags, carry flags of your enemy faction to your base to score points . Reach the points goal before your enemies do to win the event.

Read the main post of this thread ( viewtopic.php?f=24&t=1051 ) for objectives. (Item 3 )

If you spot an enemy player carrying a flag he should not ( A flag that you should be carrying, with their faction color on it ), you found the enemy team captain!
Slay him and prove your Glory to get a flag. This objective is repeatable as long as the captain has a flag of their faction. GMs will respawn the flags that team captains carry from time to time.

If you spot an enemy boss mob (Faction leaders from enemy faction) carrying a flag, and manage to slay him / her with your team, the extra effort is rewarded - Every present member of your strike team will get a flag to carry after you prove your Glory, increasing the chances that someone will cap, and that you will make a lot of score in one go.

Clicking an Azshara Crater Flag on the ground will not make you grab it, you must Prove your Glory (Call the GM after beating the objective) to release the flag.

Azshara Crater flags dont land on floor if you lose them. they disappear. You lost it, period. Do not die, mount, stealth, or right click your flag buff when carrying a flag. Druid morphs are ok.
Also, if you enter and exit a stronghold while carrying a flag, you will trigger an automated "dismount" feature that will make you bug and lose your flag - Dont play at stronghold doors if you are carrying flags.

To cap a siege tank (You "pilot" it) you must reach your base in tank form - Its like carrying a flag but you cant even do a druid morph.

If you cap the flags on every enemy tower, including the one in the contested zone, and then prove your glory, the Alterac General of your faction will be summoned to aid in defending the entrance to your Defense Zone.

To steal flags from your enemy score, you need to invade the enemy stronghold, beat the faction leader there (need a considerable team), cap those flags, return later, clean the area, and then your captain must cap the flag at the inner back of the enemy stronghold. Once that flag is no more, every time your captain comes back for a flag in the enemy stronghold, they will get a flag and, on successful cap, the enemy score will also lose one. (Snatched flag)
Summarizing, only your team captain can snatch the flag that is located inside the enemy stronghold, and that flag must be already captured for your captain to be able to steal enemy score flags.

Needed score to win the Azshara Crater match, depending on team size and players opinion :

10 Flags : Trial match (Suited for 3 x 3 or 5 x 5 )
20 Flags: Grudge Match (More suited for 5x5 or 10 x 10 )
30 Flags: Campaign Match (More suited for 20 x 20 or more )

TIME LIMIT: If the match takes over one hour ( GM clock ) , The GM will halt the match and the team with the most flags in their base won.
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