NEW EVENT: South Sea Rescue

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NEW EVENT: South Sea Rescue

Postby Fallenseraph » Fri Sep 30, 2016 1:20 am

Hello TR!

its been a short while since I actually announced something new prior to its release, rather than just surprising everyone and then explaining it later. Here we go, and look, 2 days from the deadline !!!! I Apologize for the short notice, I spent almost 2 full days without forum access. This is also my first official event in the new job. So please bear with my shaking ! Jk.

This is next Friday (sept 30th ) new attraction. Despite the short notice and the fact I had to change many rules from the original plan, I hope you guys will enjoy it:



In the southern reaches of the seas of Kalimdor , south of the Tanaris desert, far beyond the reach of normal men and women, lie two small islands, spread from each other by a strand of polluted water and a tall goblin oil rig. A few of you might have visited this strange place before, maybe seeking for lost lore, maybe out of curiosity or something else. The islands feature a few goblin and gnomish structures, and are inhabited by a few creatures and pirates.

The place has seem little to no activity, at least until now.

In my random leaps and jumps, 500-yard-kicking myself, bouncing over and over again trough the sky in search of new, foreign lands, I accidentally flew over the fatigue zone and landed on this curious place. I honestly thought I was on a warcraft 2 map ! It only lacks the gold mines... But what was about to happen , not even RNGesus could foresee...


A Mysterious Bunch of Evildoers (More details on this later!) was already on GM Fallen Seraph's trail, and decided that the islands were the perfect place to ambush him. Having recently learned of his promotion in TR, the Villains decided to kidnap FS and hold him hostage for ransom - 60 % of every award redeemed from any Friday event voucher! ( Lol if just they knew..... ).

However, after the capture, they had to decide who to send the ransom note to.

Sending it to TR staff seemed useless because they were not accepting whispers at the moment, and none of the villains could remember the names of the other staff members to mail the note to, because they were all invisible.

The next course of action was to send the ransom note to the leader of FS faction. But everyone knows that GMs are faction-less! So they ended up copying and pasting the ransom note and sending it to Stormwind AND to Orgrimmar.

- " Listen up, you Royal and Warchief Scumbags!!
We have your dear new Event manager right here!!!
That means NO MORE Events !!!
If you want us to release him, you will bring us 10 k gold as a Signing fee, and from here on we will also want 60 % of every reward redeemed from an Event voucher!
And if you try to break your word we will just kidnap him again !
YES we are evil !
Bring the ransom, parchment and a quill to sign the contract, to the top of the Oil Rig at the center of the South Sea twin Islands by this Friday, September 30th 2016, at 9 PM server time!
And dont be TOO late or else your GM will suffer our wrath !!!
And you better not try anything funny, like raiding us, because we are going to be prepared with strong crooks, monsters and even traps !!You better believe it, we are serious !!
We ALL* know you guys don't have enough manpower to raid us anyway !! You guys couldn't raid a 20-man even if you tried crossfaction ! !! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Signed. "T B D"

Under each note, they attached a picture:

Sat on King Wryn´s throne inside Stormwind´s Keep, Bolvar crumpled the note as his gauntlet-clad fist trembled. If Fallen were to disappear for long. there would be no events, and his people would demand him to lead Tarren Mill versus Southshore again, meaning being kited by Azshka again.... And his shield was still broken, the repair cost too high to conciliate with his expensive feeding habits. No, hiring Alliance heroes to rescue FS would be way cheaper. He called for the town crier and issued a reward voucher himself, to the team able to rescue the Events Manager from the claws of this mysterious new enemy.

Mysterious my behind, of course this has to be Thrall´s doing!


At the same time, Thrall laughed at the emissary bearing the note, smiling, laid on his stomach inside the Orgrimmar' s private Sauna as the troll masseuse worked his back muscles with Frost Oil. Him, raising a single finger to rescue Fallen Seraph, after what FS event had done to him? This had to be a joke. The jogging chasing the alliance from Tarren Mill to Ironforge was still fresh on his mind, it made him underweight and earned him too many sore muscles. on the other hand, it gave him an excuse to add these therapy sessions to the personal Warchief budget, and if he sent a few hordes to this new Battle zone, maybe Thrall could slip a bounty on the damnable hunter who made a fool of him during the WPvP, now if only he could remember his name.... Yes, Honor dictated that the Horde should be the ones to win the day !! Plus, if he did nothing, everyone would start gossiping that he lost to Bolvar again. Thrall instructed the same emissary to send word to the other horde leaders for Council - they would soon put together a Horde Reward Voucher for the War Party able to rescue Fallen Seraph - And kill as many of these new mysterious enemies as they could in the process!!!

Mysterious enemies my butt, of course this HAS to be Bolvar' s doing!!!

And so, both factions sent rescue teams to the South Sea islands, and conflict began anew again....



As usual, if you die, dont release. Stay put and send an educated message to the GM presiding the event asking for a revive, and then wait patiently - Thats all it takes. The catch this time, is, the GM might take a while to rev you, if he is busy being a hostage, and also, this time you will rev right where you died, so try to time it well. We apologize for the inconvenience. Its because this zone is past the fatigue zone south of Tanaris, and you really dont want to release here. Also, being a hostage, GM FS cant really warp inside your safe base to rev you.

Leaving the Event: Would be nice if you warned your team if you have to leave, but anyway, make sure you leave your event raid to avoid being brought back by raid regroup warps - Those still happen, between rounds. Try to use your hearthstone, if you cant you will have to wait until between rounds to ask the GM to bring you out. As usual don't expect a reward voucher if you quit.

In this event, a team scores if they rescue GM FallenSeraph (who is being held by bandits) from high atop the Oil Rig inside the control room, and bring him safely to your factions base. ( The southern goblin Island for the Horde, the northern gnome island for the Alliance). If the game ends too soon we will favor best 2 pts out of 3. If that's still not enough and people want to play more on both sides, we can go 3 points best out of 5.

In order to counter the powers of a gm, the bandits used an old dirty trick - Alcohol. Few people known, but a smashed GM has issues imputing GM commands or using GM powers. Its true, I can show you. SO, please remember that FS is doped and hasnt been himself.

Rescuing the GM:
If you reach the GM inside the control room, you must /beckon at him to make him follow you. The GM will only follow you if you are not fighting on his face. Once a player (only one at a time) /beckons for FS, he will stand up and slowly walk after him. He will mark him with an aura, and yell the name of his escort on loud voice and on both event channels (Beats me why.... He must be really smashed). From them on, allies of the escorting player should try to support him while his foes should try to slay him. You can not /beckon FS to you unless the original flag carrier - COUGH, I meant, escort*, is dead. Yes, Capture the Flag meets Hostage Rescue. To score the rescue, you must reach your Faction Leader in company of the GM, at your island base.

Once the GM is rescued by a faction, that faction won (if its a quick match of one rescue). If not, we will account for the score and refresh the match - Both teams are taken back to their base buildings, nPCS respawned at the rig, traps re-armed, we will check for revs, repairs and for any needed warps (summons or recalls). Once everyone* is ready, FS will be sent back to the control room and the players will be released to resume the event next match. We will do so until one team reaches the goal score.

Fallen Seraph State manual:

You may tell what is going on and why you are not being followed by checking what the GM is saying:

*(Nothing) The GM is lagging or busy with someone whispering him nonsense or rev requests. (Please mind that warp requests will not be taken during* a match of the event, only btween matches and only if we can keep both teams fair, so please be patient if you arrived late ! ). Guard the GM well and he will resume following you soon unless you died or somehow lost your Escort Aura. (a player who /beckons the GM before the GM is warped back to the control room after you die will get escort aura. escort aura vanishes if you die)

*(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) The Gm is very scared. This happens when a fight broke out around him. You must deal with the fight to make him stop running randomly, then he will follow you.

*(??????????????????) The GM is very confused in his stupor and is wandering looking for whoever was rescuing him. This usually means you vanished without a trace (dc, teleported, hs??), or that you ran ahead to avoid pvp combat and left the GM field of vision, or that you decided to hide/ stealth/ prowl/ shadowmeld for too long while escorting the GM. ( Usually a GM can see hidden players, but FS is doped and drunk). NOTICE: If you let this go on for too long, the GM may be taken by another player (if your aura disappears) or else he may simply be warped by thr bandits back to the control room !!!!

*(zzzzzzzzzzzz....) This means the GM is very very tired, maybe because he walked north and south a lot without ever reaching a base. In this case he might turn into a bear and hibernate. Making a lot of noise should eventually work.

*(................) This means players in the perimeter are somehow breaking the rules. This warning means that if it keeps going, the GM will be teleported back to the control room. Event Raid leaders are supposed to answer for their event raid members. If this persists multiple times, the bandits may escape with FS and the event will be lost.

Have Fun

FallenSeraph and the TR team
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Re: NEW EVENT: South Sea Rescue

Postby Nick » Fri Sep 30, 2016 12:36 pm

Looks like Fallenseraph is the new dr. Weavil :lol: Did you by any chance work for blizzard 10 years ago and wrote his diary? :P

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Re: NEW EVENT: South Sea Rescue

Postby SpectraQWERTY » Fri Sep 30, 2016 5:44 pm

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Re: NEW EVENT: South Sea Rescue

Postby Fallenseraph » Sun Oct 02, 2016 6:30 pm

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Re: NEW EVENT: South Sea Rescue

Postby SilentDagger » Mon Oct 03, 2016 9:27 pm

Can not wait for this to repeat. I was unable to attend this past Friday's event. Look forward to being able to free the illustrious GM Fallenseraph.
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Re: NEW EVENT: South Sea Rescue

Postby Fallenseraph » Mon Oct 03, 2016 10:01 pm

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