All good things come to an end

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Re: All good things come to an end

Postby Jimjam » Sat Jan 21, 2017 8:27 am

Not much more to say than what's been said. Just wanted to add my sincere thanks and gratitude for the time energy and money it takes to tuna server (and do a great job of it). I spent a lot of time on the server (not recently sadly) and I appreciate everything the GMs and Devs did for us. Thanks also to the players. It's been great hanging out and running around killing things and taking their stuff. Good times. I will miss them. Hopefully I'll get to see many of you before it all goes down (some end of server event or something, if that's the way it goes). Anyway, thanks again for everything through the years
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Re: All good things come to an end

Postby Maxeo » Tue Jan 24, 2017 9:34 pm

Muggle, yoyoyoyoyoyo, gandaulf, among others here. Thank you for all your hard work over the years and I am very sad to see you go. But nevertheless, all things do come to an end, no matter how painful. Just like the good old blizz is gone, this too, will fade away. I'm probably going to hop on one of the transfer servers just to keep my spirits up, but the rebirth will always hold a special place in my heart and memories. Even more so than retail vanilla.

When I moved all I had was T.V. (laaame) and shitty satellite Dish-net with a 10g data cap. I played wow all the time with my voidwalker meatshield so I can deal with my 800+ms lag. I relived the old wow days with my dad, and got familiar with the community a little bit. I'm a fucking loser who never got to 60, even with my 17d 14h play time (i'm gonna make it before shutdown though). Looks like about 30d across all characters after about 3 years (i'm a casual I know). Anyways much love from me muggle and I hope I see you around in the vanilla world in the future to come. You should hang out with us on the closing day, maybe throw in some tours or something.

Love, Max
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Re: All good things come to an end

Postby Nikha » Tue Jan 24, 2017 10:01 pm

Well, goodbye Rebirth I guess. :wave3:
Thanks for all the time, money and whatnot you put into this.
It was a pleasure to make videos for and about this server.

Internet hugs going to:
Dole, Tulip and their screaming kids, Jamirus you fucking huntard legend, Issyl the patient, Vex the vulgar, Bu "I'm dead" my magebro, Moo you Philly redneck MAGA shaman, Pop defender of noobs, Pudding for the sexiest voice in all the lands AND Adamus for everything!
Honorable mentions:
Frumpy just for having that name, Blaider for being a major pain in the ass at ALL times, Nox for having an even bigger ego than Blaiderp, Rokult for being the other angry German, Tabby for being a funny drunk, Amfi for ABBA night, Isusek for countless deaths as the guilds glass cannon, Spid for sexy orcing and VII for having the best porn addicted roommate storys.

Before I say my final goodbye though, I just have to ask the 'staff':

Why go quietly?

Just because it was managed / kept alive / handled (whatever you want to call it) that way up until now? Why do you insist on going down the same way?
Why not leave with a fucking BANG, possibly bringing a lot of players back to say their last goodbyes?
Why not put a vendor in every major city, selling all endgame PVP items for 1 Copper? Why not have daily random Raggy spawns in major cities? Disable pre-quests for raids? Have Halloween and Xmas events and all that every week? Have rediculous high drop rates so everyone gets a last chance on that one epix he/she always wanted?

For the very last time Rebirth, I beg of you, go BIG!

- Mya / Nikha
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Re: All good things come to an end

Postby Zaakir » Tue Jan 24, 2017 10:19 pm

Well now with character transfers going off, free items would be unfair :p
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Re: All good things come to an end

Postby Elioch » Wed Jan 25, 2017 1:39 am

Well Rebirth, it's been nice! Maybe see some of you on Excalibur (not ideal, but meh, it'll do for now) unless a good xfer option comes along.
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Re: All good things come to an end

Postby chipper » Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:23 am

While I have not played on the Rebirth for quite some time, it truly saddens me to hear this news.
I just want to thank the Rebirth team for all that you've done for this amazing private server, and the community for all of the memories. The community is what truly made Rebirth special.

I suppose all good things eventually come to an end, but as one door closes, another opens and I hope this will be an opportunity for the community to embrace something new and positive in our lives. Goodluck to all!

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Re: All good things come to an end

Postby ashani » Thu Feb 02, 2017 8:11 pm

Thank you all for everything. Especially those who kept The Rebirth going for so long through such ups and downs.

I've had one character on rebirth since 2014, a Human Mage who still has not reached 60. I am level 57 now and will hit 60 before the clock strikes 12 and the server closes.
Hopefully before then I can transfer to deepholme or somewhere.

I want to say..... I had a fucking great time, and thank you to everyone who ganked me and everyone I ganked.

I include below hilarious screenshot of encounter in Tanaris in February 2015. In honour & thanks to of all the many lolz and great times I had on The Rebirth.

with love,

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Re: All good things come to an end

Postby rune » Fri Feb 03, 2017 9:33 pm

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Re: All good things come to an end

Postby Stormbringer » Mon Feb 06, 2017 8:50 am

Thank you very much muggle and all staff past and present for your work and for providing this unique experience.
I dare say I enjoyed playing here even more than playing the original vanilla back then.

I have been able to do things I never accomplished on retail like winning the fishing contest (despite fierce competition :P )

And like back on retail I missed most of the wareffort and the opening of the gates due to work,
so my experience here was even more blizz-like than I would have liked.

Final question: Do you intend to let the server fade away or will you get out with a bang like switching on all festivals and events or something like that?
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Re: All good things come to an end

Postby Monroe » Mon Feb 06, 2017 7:57 pm

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