Where will you go next?

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Where will you go next?

Nostlysium PvP
Nostlysium PvE
Nostlysium new
Kronos 1
Kronos 2
No votes
Hope for the best on Rebirth or quit WoW
TBC/WotLK or different expansion
Official servers
Other, please elaborate as reply
Total votes: 68
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Re: Where will you go next?

Postby Phobia » Sat Jan 14, 2017 8:45 pm

Hope for the best on Rebirth or quit WoW.

With my RL responsibilities and mirror transfers to other servers being nearly impossible, I don't see myself leveling and gearing up somewhere else just to live with the uncertainty of something similar happening again. My pvp and meter humping days are over unless this server survives somehow and progresses into a fully scripted Naxx, which would have been the end of vanilla and my journey. Alas, things don't always happen as you plan them out, but it was a great journey so far, and I intend to end it on that note.

I will still be around from time to time if only to stay in touch and up with the news around here until the plug is pulled, unless another miracle happens. I've seen them happen before and I still hold that faint glimmer of hope that we will see such a miracle again. Best of luck to anyone deciding to jump ship.

The Rebirth never really dies, because it always comes back to life!
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Re: Where will you go next?

Postby Bowie » Sat Jan 14, 2017 9:03 pm

My main reason to play on The Rebirth instead of one of the higher populated servers was its quality and lack of bugs. I know that, if i move to another place, i'm gonna start finding crap all over the game and i'll just quit after a very frustrating journey.
Therefore, if TR ends, i'll probably leave vanilla, unless Blizzard decides to open retail servers, which is like 99% unlikely to happen. :(

I'll be playing Legion, something that i've been doing alongside vanilla, but it's really not the same. The story sucks, the grind is boring and literally endless (yeah, even more than vanilla, lol), and that Greater Rift system taken right from D3 doesn't feel right in WoW at all. At least the Holy Paladin melee spec is very fun to play. :P

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Re: Where will you go next?

Postby Variola » Sat Jan 14, 2017 10:34 pm

Well, I had a long break after original wow. Till one day I had a dream about running WC, that led to a Google search that landed me on scriptcraft II, which I played for 1-2 weeks, which was disappointingly not as "blizz like" as I was sold. However, I did see WC (using their automatic lvl 40 option), but then it went under. A short stint on Valk, and I ended up here. Most attractive thing was the concept of commitment to not wiping chars and relaunching and the desire to recreate the original game. Surely there was plenty of moments/DDOS attacks, where I thought it was lost. It was a constant reminder that private servers are inherently, unstable and unreliable. BUT.... it always came back! Even that rollback that totally should have killed it, it came back. Perhaps, in the recent post-Muggle reliability, I grew comfortable and complacent thinking that it could never end. I suspect that when this goes down I'll take another long break, and one day when I miss it/have a dream. I'll see if anything comparable came from the ashes of TRB.

Also, I hope that when you release the code you can stick some TRB easter egg in there, so that should I stumble across it in the future I can have a little smile and tear. Like the Muggle's and the dev's chars standing on the coast of blasted lands crying or names in some obscure quest text.

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Re: Where will you go next?

Postby donkeyface » Sun Jan 15, 2017 3:30 am

I am playing on Kronos 1 with fellow haters, no raiding as of now but I will re-reroll as a mage and get a fresh start. I hear they are merging their 1 & 2 servers in the near future.
It's been real Rebirth, thank you for the good times.
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Re: Where will you go next?

Postby Zazzerpan » Sun Jan 15, 2017 4:23 am

It's not easy to walk away from what we have built here and all we had at Rebirth, but we had a meeting in place of Saturday raid times and the majority of us at <Hate> have decided to go to Kronos 1 and revive <Afterbirth>.

We're closing the chapter on <Hate> and moving on to this. <Afterbirth> will be primarily pvp focused.
I'm proud to have lead <Hate> if even for a few months but I feel the guild has run its course and shall go along with Rebirth.
The lot of us will be around for the last WSG games and server closing but otherwise you can find us there.

Whether or not I see some of you there I just want to say it was good meeting all of you.
This has been a wonderful experience and I don't think I'll find a community quite as good as this.
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Re: Where will you go next?

Postby CaesarCat » Sun Jan 15, 2017 4:32 am

The other day I created 2 accounts on Nost PVE server through the Elysium site

Guess earlier today the Nost PVE and PVP servers were renamed and any older Nost characters not yet transfered at this time would be deleted.

You can find me on Ally Nost PVE (Darrowshire PVE) ofc keeping the same name there Caesarcat

I'm still hoping that they will respond and maybe be open to alllowing a transfer of our characters from TRB to their servers.
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Re: Where will you go next?

Postby Bradonja » Sun Jan 15, 2017 4:48 am

I most likely won't be playing vanilla on another server unless some kind of character transfer from Rebirth is offered (vanilla with WotlK talents is not vanilla at all imo, so PrimalWow is pretty much out of the question for me).

I'll probably just be more active on Excalibur. TBC 2.4.3 is IMO the best state of WoW - classes are as close to balanced, in both PvP and PvE, as they ever were, it has some of the best dungeon/raid design in WoW history, and ofc arena, my favourite game mode. The p2w factor of Excalibur is slightly annoying, but not overly so, since you can't get top-tier gear that way. If any Rebirthers find themselves playing there, add Johnsonjoe, that's my main.

Playing on Rebirth has been great and I'd like to thank everyone that contributed to the experience, players and GMs/devs alike. I will ofc be around for the final BG orgies, I hope we can find enough players to make it interesting :)
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Re: Where will you go next?

Postby Marelle » Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:43 am

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Re: Where will you go next?

Postby Gregor » Sun Jan 15, 2017 1:23 pm

I'll inevitably poke around on Kronos 1 for the lolz but unless there's a miracle I'm done with Wow for now.

I came to Vanilla to do what I didn't do in retail Vanilla - conqueror all of Naxx.

2.5+ years on the server, 130 days /played on my rogue, 70+ Nefarian kills, 170+ world boss kills, 70+ Hakkar kills, the effort of consistently being one of the top dps on the server ;), and being a regular part of the my guild and my faction is what I put into The Rebirth solely through one character. Not to mention outside of the game my advocacy for Rebirth on , showcasing our server on and , etc. I wanted people to be as excited about The Rebirth as I was, but after all I put in it seems the door has been slammed in my face.

I may come across as dramatic, but I've learned my lesson.
aka Spookypants, aka the spookiest rogue on Rebirth
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Re: Where will you go next?

Postby Virno » Sun Jan 15, 2017 5:33 pm

Hi, i've tried PVP Not/Anathema on Esylium. I reached lvl 17 but my time here was really bad.
I will just share my experience to help peaple to decide where to go.
Asylum was unplayable for me cause of the many problems that this server has. Frist of all the lagg is unacceptable, when we've 8k+ user online the server just start to lagg and when we've 10k+ it became unplayable. I cant imagine how bad it would be to play PvP.
Second, the no-stop spamming on everyfucking channel of the game. I miss the 99% of the important message i would love to read in peace and have to scroll up and down every second. Even disabling the world channel, the spam still too much.
Third, too high population. This have bad influence in multiple way on my game experience.
1 - It makes very hard to create a "relation" with anybody
2 - Camp mobs is just boring as fuck
3 - Everybody are just shit to eachother
I'm quite sure that there are more bad aspects of this server that can be pointed out, but these are the more important to me. I really cant understand how soembody that comes from TheRebirth experience can enjoy and accept this.
I just checked out Kronos1 and imo it is way better then Esylium and probably it is also better then TheRebirth, becouse the population on this server is just perfect and i didn't notice any of the Esylium server.

I know that <Hate> are playing on Kronos 1, so maybe it would be a nice idea join them.

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