My addons, goodbyes.

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My addons, goodbyes.

Postby Zardian » Tue Mar 28, 2017 4:34 am

Hey, as i don't know if these forums will remain active, and honestly i don't want to keep updating in several places, i will from now on upload my work here: ... kYxTDJwVDg

The folder is fully public and you're free to point friends to it but please refrain from posting the link to the wider internet, like the forums of other private servers.

My add-on patches always felt like something i made for our small community, something for our little circle only. I've decided to share them with my new guild on Kronos, but not the wider server itself, it just feels like too wide of an audience.

Anyone who used my version of Attackbar is highly recommended to go grab the new one from that folder, after my last update here i worked a lot on improving dual wield in the add-on, and i got it from a mess to pretty damn perfect.

Take care you bastards, I'll miss this place.
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