best PvP'ers of each class?

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Re: best PvP'ers of each class?

Postby Fapfapfap » Thu Aug 25, 2016 2:25 am

It's kind of hard to separate players from gear because most of the best players in these lists are all super geared too. I'm still in greens and yet to get a single piece of T2 so every fight for me is generally an epic battle to the death against pretty much everyone ... so my answers are simply based on players whom I have fought with and against that fill me with that feeling of "oh thank god X is on my side" or "FUCK ..... X".

I haven't seen many of the players on these other lists due to the fact that I haven't been pvp'ing here since the jurassic period and I play mainly in off hours and there are other really good players who i have only seen like once and then never again so I'm not sure as to their consistency and therefore not on mah list :p

Mage - Monroe, Simayi
Hunter - Dominant, Amaterasu
Paladin - Yibby, Papappapapp
Shaman - Stromgar, Thellak
Priest - Brkonja, Bragi
Warrior - Seitargra, Skulls, Enthrall, Smultron (so many warriors lol)
Rogue - Manatee, Izzyl
Warlock - Hadi
Druid - Zyokk

Special mention to Brockwhoreson who, depending on the player who is assuming his soulless shell, can be awesome as all shit or woeful.
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Re: best PvP'ers of each class?

Postby Mambajamba » Sun Aug 28, 2016 3:47 am

Sometime (Priest) capped the flag in greys. nuff said.

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