Lets get some EU AQ20 PUG's going!

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Lets get some EU AQ20 PUG's going!

Postby SpectraQWERTY » Thu Oct 13, 2016 9:29 pm

Hello TheRebirth! Do you know that awkward feel when there is nothing to do? Are u tired of watching King Magni fart in Ironforge while u roleplay in ur full Necropile set? Are this questions totaly absurd and dont mean anything? If the answers to all of this question is "YES!", than ur bored just as much as i am when there is nothing to do but AFK. Well It's time to change that. I invite everyone to have a try out on forming random Raid PUG's at a picked day of the week (it can be any day! I'll be spaming LFM till i see on what days i get the highest interest of people) during 17:30 - 22:30 server time. The raid rules will be either based on reservation sheets or free rolls, whatever the people think they'll like more! And the best, everyone is invited, even if that means we might only get to post first boss trash, we'll have loads of fun! So be online, and look for my announcments in global! I'll also make a poll, considering wich day, and time u'd preffer the run to be on! Cya, ingame.

- sincerest, Maisha
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